RI Bathtub Conversion and Cut Out Step Installation

If you, a family member, or your elderly parents are suffering from reduced mobility, using a bathtub can be very difficult and even dangerous due to the high step to get in.

Having a bathtub conversion done in your existing tub, by installing a step-in or cut out step, is a very affordable way to convert a regular bathtub into a safe walk in shower.

There's no need for an expensive and messy installation of a walk in shower unit or a walk-in tub, simply install a cutout step in your tub.

Tub Conversion / Cut Out Step Examples

Bathtub Cutout / Conversion (Before)
Bathtub Cutout / Conversion (After)
Bathtub Cutout / Conversion With Door
Cleancut Bath Conversion
Cleancut Step
Cleancut Step
Cleancut Regular Step
Cleancut Step With Door
Cleancut Step With Door
Cleancut Deep Step

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